TNRC Video Dark Commerce

Dark Commerce: Undermining a Sustainable Future

The illicit trade of natural resources and associated corruption threatens both biodiversity and the sustainability of our planet. This illicit activity decimates wildlife, puts our oceans and forests at risk, and undermines responses to climate change. Forests are illegally felled, carbon markets are hijacked by criminals, illegal pesticides destroy the soil, and more. Leading transnational crime expert Dr. Louise Shelley joins Dr. Liz Hart, Chief of Party of the Targeting Natural Resource Corruption Project, to discuss the social, economic and environmental impacts of illicit trade and corruption, along with strategies that the conservation and natural resource management community can leverage to prevent them.

Image attribution: © / Jen Guyton / WWF; © Brian J. Skerry / National Geographic Stock / WWF; © Georgina Goodwin / Shoot The Earth / WWF-UK; © Hkun Lat / WWF-Aus