Wildlife and Climate Change Educator Resources

Documents and Files

  • WWF Wildlife and Climate Change Educator Resources PDF, 30.2 KB This is a resource packet designed for educators teaching advanced high school and college students. Built around WWF's wildlife and climate change work, it includes background information, wildlife vulnerability assessment tools and resources to help engage students in our global wildlife conservation work.
  • Teaching Wildlife and Climate Change PPTX This is a series of slides for educators to use when teaching about wildlife and climate change.
  • Climate Change and Adaptation Courses for Conservationists and Environmental Educators These are a series of interactive online courses on climate change and adaptation that are designed specifically for those interested in environmental conservation. These courses use simple, non-technical language to explain concepts that are often confusing for students and professionals alike. The site also offers instructions and materials for engaging participatory activities that are great for the classroom. Courses are available in English, Spanish and Russian.