Earth Hour 2018 – A New Generation of Leaders Turn Out to Turn Up Climate Action

This Saturday, March 24th at 8:30pm local time, World Wildlife Fund’s Earth Hour will sweep the globe. Millions of people, cities and businesses across the world will switch off their lights for one hour to show support for taking action to fight climate change.

Iconic US landmarks, including the Empire State Building, the Space Needle, the Willis Tower and many of the bright lights of the Las Vegas strip will participate, providing a stunning visual backdrop for this crucial call to action.

Earth Hour 2018 comes at a critical moment. After the United States announced its intent to withdraw from the Paris Agreement—the world’s first truly global plan to address climate change—more than 2,600 leaders across America’s cities, states, companies and universities stepped up to say they are still committed to meeting America’s climate goals.

 “The world has shown it’s ready to tackle the climate crisis. In the United States, a new generation of leaders has taken up the banner of climate action,” said Lou Leonard, senior vice president for climate and energy at World Wildlife Fund. “These leaders herald from America’s state houses, city halls, board rooms and college campuses. And this Earth Hour, these leaders are uniting with Americans from all walks of life to build a more renewable, prosperous future.”

Earth Hour is a moment not just to turn off the lights, but to inspire meaningful action. By turning off their lights for one hour, millions of people are recommitting to the fight against climate change. After the hour, climate leaders will continue to rethink how we produce and consume energy, food and water while individuals find ways to cut their carbon footprints. Small actions like taking more public transportation or switching to renewable electricity are key to protecting the planet.

“The decisions we make today have the ability to stave off the most dire impacts of climate change,” said Leonard “Earth Hour reminds us that, together, we can ensure people and nature thrive for years to come.”

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