Green Climate Fund Approves Financing for Herencia Colombia

This week the Green Climate Fund approved a $43 million proposal for Herencia Colombia (HECO), an initiative to permanently protect 32 million hectares of iconic Colombian landscapes and seascapes. The initiative was co-developed by WWF, the Government of Colombia, and a broad coalition of community, public sector, and private sector partners. WWF released the following statement from Carter Roberts, President and CEO, celebrating the announcement:

“Herencia Colombia promises to tackle the crises of climate change and nature loss on a big scale. By financing the protection of 32 million hectares of Colombia’s most treasured places, this initiative will help to limit emissions on par with removing nearly 10 million cars from the road for a full year. We thank the Green Climate Fund for investing in this initiative. And we look forward to a continued partnership with the Green Climate Fund in advancing this model for conservation.”