WWF Statement Ahead of the Next Round of Plastic Treaty Negotiations

Tomorrow, the fourth session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee (INC-4) to develop an international legally binding treaty to end plastic pollution begins in Ottawa, Canada. Ahead of the negotiations, WWF issued the following statement from Erin Simon, vice president and head of plastic waste and business:

“We left the last round of negotiations with some uncertainty, but in the spirt of collaboration, and without a mandate to do so, negotiators came together ahead of this week’s treaty talks to make up lost time and get us closer to a successful outcome.

“The political will is present and now the countdown is on. This week is our last best chance for global leaders to put the wheels in motion to secure a strong treaty by the end of the year. The ability for countries to collaborate will be tested and negotiators will be asked to either do the right thing right now or kick the can down the road. We still have time to prevent the irreversible damages of plastic pollution but only if the majority of countries answer the call of the majority of people and put an end to this crisis before it’s too late.”