WWF Statement on Failure of House Farm Bill

In response to the Farm Bill’s failure to pass in the House of Representatives, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) released the following statement from Dr. Melinda Cep, senior director of policy for its Markets and Food program:
“The House just hit the reset button on the Farm Bill. Today’s failure offers Congress an opportunity to reconsider a bipartisan bill that reflects the needs of America’s farmers and ranchers.

“A strong Farm Bill includes conservation incentives to give farmers and ranchers more of a free hand in protecting those American grasslands and wildlife habitats that have immense environmental value, but little productive value for agriculture.

“Congress needs to revise important provisions of the bill, beginning with restoring the $800 million baseline to the conservation title. Without this baseline, we’re setting a low bar for conservation in future Farm Bills while putting essential wildlife and grassland habitats at risk.”