WWF Statement on US Commitment to Forests

Today, President Biden announced that the US would dedicate up to $9 billion of public sector finance for forests by 2030. In response, WWF issued the following statement from Josefina Braña Varela, Vice President for Forests and Forest Climate Solutions Lead at WWF-US:

“We are living in a dual climate and nature emergency, and President Biden’s announcement this morning dedicating up to $9 billion of public sector funding for forests by 2030 is a welcome commitment. Forests and land are a source of emissions and also a vital part of the solution when it comes to addressing the climate crisis. 

"We need to match the challenge and potential of forests with the dollars to make a difference, and today’s pledge by the United States is a step in the right direction. As we go further down the road, we must allocate the majority of the resources to help accelerate, particularly in least developed countries, the implementation of actions, policies and measures that advance solutions that put people and nature first.”

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