Blue Horizon: Ocean Relief through Seaweed Aquaculture

Two seaweed farmers in boat in Saborna, Sabah, Malaysia

The project aims to enhance environmental, social, and economic benefits by developing sustainable seaweed value chains. Seaweed captures carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus, which helps mitigate ocean eutrophication and acidification, as well as improves habitat for marine life.

This project will be delivered through 4 key components. Under Component 1: Regional approach and capacity for seaweed value chains in SE Asia, the project will develop plans, tools, and trainings to build capacity and provide support to a regional enabling environment for seaweed aquaculture. Component 2 supports the enabling environment for seaweed aquaculture at the national level – in the Philippines and Viet Nam. This will include mapping to ensure proper siting of sustainable seaweed farms, national level planning, and regulatory frameworks. Component 3 targets the barriers faced in Seaweed Value Chains (production + processing + marketing). The project will work with farmers and cooperatives to pilot seaweed farms in novel and innovative areas (including offshore seaweed farms), which will serve as proof-of-concept for seaweed production. The project will integrate standards for safe seaweed production into these seaweed farms. The project will also support new processing initiatives to increase the value of raw seaweed for local farmers. Finally, under Component 4: Knowledge Management, M&E, and IW Learn, the project will undertake knowledge sharing, communications, and monitoring and evaluation. As an international Waters project, the project activities will be monitored and communicated through multiple channels, including through IW:LEARN.

  • Photo of seaweed stalk in the water
  • Woman working on seaweed farm
  • Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, Palawan, Philippines

Country: Viet Nam, Philippines
Focal Area: International Waters
Project Status: CEO Endorsed
GEF ID: 10573
Executing agencies: SEAFDEC
GEF Project Grant: US $6,000,000
GEF Agency Fee: US $553,500
Co-financing: US $9,306,269


CEO Endorsement Documents

Environmental and Social Safeguards Documents: