Coral Reef Rescue: Resilient Coral Reefs, Resilient Communities

Coral reef

This project will build capacity and solutions for safeguarding globally significant climate resilient coral reefs, to ensure global long-term survival of coral reef ecosystems in Philippines, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Indonesia, Tanzania, and Madagascar (plus Cuba through non-GEF funds). The project will create global knowledge and capacity building networks to share, identify, and target solutions and real-time monitoring for Coral Reef conservation to strengthen capacities in each of the 7 countries. The project will support countries to identify key threats to coral reefs and to build national strategies that provide a path towards solving those identified threats in each country. This will be achieved through a participatory process that will create national platforms and ensure effective participation from coral reef local communities. The project will also facilitate the alignment of the different co-finance opportunities to the priorities identified in the national strategies and will assist countries to mobilize additional public and private investments towards those identified priorities, including the development of an investment portfolio of sustainable business and long term sustainable livelihood investments for local communities in the priority resilient coral reefs.

  • A diving skiff about to anchor at a reef north of Vanua Levu, Fiji
  • Dugong swimming in the ocean

    Dugongs are found in Coastal East Africa and the Coral Triangle

  •  A parrotfish photographed at the reef surrounding Yadua island, west of Vanua Levu, Fiji
  • Senior marine scientist at WWF diving in Indonesia

    Reefs are surveyed in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Countries: Philippines, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Indonesia, Tanzania, Madagascar
Focal Area: International Waters
Project Status: Implementation
GEF ID: 10575
Implementing agencies: WWF-GEF
Executing agencies: University of Queensland International Development
GEF Project Grant: US $7,000,000
GEF Agency Fee: US $648,000
Co-financing: US $71,338,533

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