Enduring Earth: Accelerating Sustainable Finance Solutions to Achieve Durable Conservation


The project objective is to catalyze sustainable, long-term investment in globally significant conservation areas in two target countries and enable scaling out of the Enduring Earth approach in additional countries, contributing to 30x30 goals. The Enduring Earth Partnership (“EE”) is an ambitious collaboration to support governments and communities to conserve the resources that sustain life by accelerating inclusive area-based conservation measures in furtherance of 30x30 and other development goals through the Project Finance for Permanence (“PFP”) approach. Under a PFP approach, target countries define a unique set of commitments from multiple stakeholders in a single closing to ensure that, over the long term, large-scale systems of conservation areas are well-managed, sustainably financed, and benefit the communities who depend on them. 

The proposed Enduring Earth GEF Project (“the project”) will catalyze PFP initiatives in Gabon and Namibia, as well as initiate a PFP design in one additional geography yet to be determined and undertake global work to promote enabling conditions for sustainable financing for protected and conserved areas. The proposed project will scale out the PFP approach, learning from PFPs underway in Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Peru, to accelerate PFP development in the additional countries.

  • Kwandu Conservancy
  • Namibia desert
  • An aerial view of a two elephants in Gabon.

Countries: Regional: Gabon and Namibia
Focal Area: Biodiversity
Project Status: Project Development
GEF Project ID: 10916
Implementing Agency: World Wildlife Fund, Inc.
Executing Agency/ Partners: Enduring Earth
GEF Project Grant: USD $ 22,635,780
Co-Financing: USD $ 96,393,542
GEF Agency Fee: USD $2,037,220.00

PIF Stage Documents: