Generating Responsible Demand for Reduced Deforestation Commodities

Farm tractor collecting harvested oil palm

Forests are home to many of the world’s plants and animals; they are vital carbon sinks; and they offer a range of ecosystem services. Despite their importance, these biomes are increasingly threatened. Demand for beef, palm oil, and soy currently drives nearly 70% of deforestation globally. The GEF project “Generating Responsible Demand for Reduced-Deforestation Commodities” safeguards the world’s forests and biodiversity by minimizing demand for commodities linked to deforestation. The project will engage the private sector, consumers, and policy makers in this effort. In addition, project activities will link to the wider program, “Taking Deforestation out of Commodity Supply Chains,” specifically its efforts to promote responsible production and transactions practices. Through these partnerships and linkages, the project—in line with the larger program—will contribute to the improved management of 23 million hectares of forest and grassland and mitigate 117.5 million tons of C02.

  • Cattle in field

    Cattle and Livestock Farming Contribute to Deforestation

  • Mass soybean harvesting at a farm in Brazil

    Soy Bean Harvesting

  • Aerial view of a young palms next to mature palms on the Sawit Kinabalu oil palm plantation in Tawau, Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia.

    Oil Palm Plantations Contribute to Global Deforestation

Countries: Global (South East Asia, West Africa, Latin America)
Focal area: Biodiversity, Climate Change Mitigation, Sustainable Forest Management
Project status: Closed
GEF Project ID: 9179
Program: Taking Deforestation out of Commodity Supply Chains #9072
Implementing Agency: WWF-US, UNDP
Executing Agency and partners: WWF, Inc.; Proforest; Stockholm Environment Institute; WWF Singapore; WWF Indonesia
GEF Project Grant: US $8,748,060
Co-financing Total : US$ 42,334,902
GEF Agency Fee (WWF+UNDP): US$ 787,325
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