National Planning for an Inclusive and Effective Conservation Approach to Reaching Global Biodiversity Framework Target 3

Looking down into Cooper Canyon in the Sierra Tarahumara

Cooper Canyon in Mexico

The project objective is to support country planning to inclusively and effectively meet or exceed GBF Target 3. Project partners will develop an easily accessible guide to developing inclusive and effective national level plans to achieve Target 3. In five countries, the project will support a series of in-country consultations and workshops with a wide range of stakeholders relating to GBF Target 3 to discuss local-to-national level priorities, review data, analyze gaps and develop national plans. As part of this, project partners will support in-country assessment and documentation of baseline data and gaps assessments relating to enabling conditions for Target 3, setting out what exists and what additional data are required to support work towards Target 3 and then facilitating analysis of those findings to address selected, prioritized (non-exhaustive) data or knowledge gaps. These activities and outputs will feed into broader multi-stakeholder consultations about local-to-national priorities for Target 3, designed to be inclusive, with a focus on right-based approaches to conservation, and planning for effective, connected and climate resilient systems of PAs and OECMs. This will result in 5 national plans for achieving or exceeding GBF Target 3. 

  • Landscape of forest

    Target 3 of the GBF aims to preserve 30% of the world's resources by 2030

  • African elephants (Loxodonta africana) in the Bwabwata National Park (Buffalo core area) in the Zambezi Region of Namibia.

    Elephants in Namibia

  • oves on Baronesa Bay, Floreana Island, Galapagos, Ecuador

    Mangroves in Ecuador

  • Landscape view of a river in a deep valley with snowcapped mountains in the background

    River in the Himalayas in Nepal

Countries: Global
Focal Area: Biodiversity
Project Status: Implementation
GEF Project ID: 10916
Implementing Agency: World Wildlife Fund, Inc.
Executing Agency/ Partners: WWF-US and Conservation Strategy Fund
GEF Project Grant: USD $ 2,000,000
Co-Financing: USD $ 343,246.77
GEF Agency Fee: USD $ 184,500

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