Ending plastic pollution

WWF activists on why they want to keep plastics out of nature

No plastics in nature

WWF urges world leaders to act strongly and decisively in developing the full content of the treaty in 2024.

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Every day, plastic is flowing into our environment at an alarming rate, harming and killing wildlife and polluting nature and communities. Eleven million tons end up in our oceans alone each year—the equivalent of more than a dump truckload every minute. Plastic production has doubled in the last 20 years, yet only 9% of plastic waste is recycled globally.

This is a problem that is affecting us on a local, national, and global scale. We need to change the ways we source, use, recycle, and dispose of plastic.

Fortunately, with collective action from the public, the private sector, and governments, we can achieve the shared goal of a future where there are no plastics in nature. WWF is working to transform our systems so the plastics we discard become plastics we use again and build a world in which our oceans teem with life and communities breathe fresh air.

We spoke with WWF activists from across the United States who are advocating for practical solutions to the plastic pollution crisis about what motivates them to build a world with no plastics in nature.

Listen to their stories.

Carissa Cabrera
Olive Kabeya
Matheu Martell
Jaimi McPeek
Christopher Pham
Kyra Sadat Ruben
Conner Youngblood

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