Moving the farm indoors

Plants growing indoors on racks

Indoor soilless farming aims to reduce many of the more harmful effects of conventional field farming, including decreasing pressures on land, biodiversity, natural habitat, and climate. However, these indoor farms often have large energy footprints, are still figuring out the best way to support local communities and need support to share experiences and move the industry forward.

We've invited some of the people leading the charge for indoor, soilless agriculture in St. Louis and beyond to share their thoughts on the significance of this dynamic. The list we've assembled here is by no means complete. It's a snapshot of just some of the amazing people the Markets Institute has had the pleasure of interacting with to explore new ways to expand indoor farming. There are many others in various capacities and regions around the world, and we celebrate them all.

—Julia Kurnik, Senior Director, Innovation Startups, WWF Markets Institute


Dennis Lower headshotDennis Lower

Cara Weber headshotCara Weber

Michael Tipton headshotMichael Tipton

Will Ross headshotWill Ross

Gene Giacomelli headshotGene Giacomelli

David Rosenberg headshotDavid Rosenberg

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