The World Beyond My Window

The Russells Glacier draining the Greenland icesheet inland from Kangerlussuaq on Greenland's west coast. © Global Warming Images / WWF

The World Beyond My Window

By Joshua Sasse

I have stared in solitary bliss,

understanding very little or indeed,

none of this.

This earth, whose petals we all will selfishly to pick,

this sky who day by day we poison sick,

these waters whom each one of us without

should live a low existence, hand to mouth.

Then each and every monetary minute

that whips us all that we no longer sing it,

reminds Me, as a hunger pang

of all the songs the ancients sang,

of land that gave in grateful loads abounding,

of harvest moons where village bells were sounding,

of Gods & nymphs in sacred water dwelling

that we, in grateful reverence

tales were to telling; to our children, to the youth –

so the torch was carried forth

and the wonders of the earth,

were all treasured for their worth.

Now I grow pale with watching

as the heavens fill with smog,

and the banks of every river start to fill

and there with littered plastic clog,

where parks become attractions

as a cornered beast within a zoo

and the wonders of the world

are melted down to factory glue,

I see conscience lay forgotten

I see courtesy lie dead,

and with both those pillars fallen

stands a sorry tale instead.