The Endangereds Content Pack

WWF has partnered with Philippe Cousteau on his new book, The Endangereds, to educate young readers about the plight of some of the most threatened species on the planet and inspire them to help. For those reading the book, Wild Classroom has created a content pack with classroom activities and worksheets centered around the book’s black-footed ferret characters and their grassland habitat.

Available Toolkit Files

  • BFFs: All About Black-Footed Ferrets

    Reading comprehension and short answer

    This worksheet contains fun reading material about black-footed ferrets, and for those who have read The Endangereds, a set of comprehension questions to assess students' understanding of science concepts and the connections to the fictional storyline.

    (Grade level: 3-5)

    BFFs: All About Black-Footed Ferrets Brochure

  • A Plan to Save Grasslands

    STEM research project

    This intensive research activity challenges students to discover the variety of ecosystem services that grasslands provide and to evaluate how these services are impacted by human activity. Students will then design and present a sustainable, evidence-based plan to help restore grassland biodiversity.

    (Grade level: 6-8)

    A Plan to Save Grasslands Brochure

Teaching Tools

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The Endangereds Polar Bear Pack

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About the Book

The Endangereds

By Philippe Cousteau, Austin Aslan, Illustrated by James Madsen


The Endangereds follows a group of highly unlikely bedfellow animal characters as they adventure out to save one of their own. The story weaves in educational environmental components like the impacts that climate change and human-wildlife conflict have on polar bears and their habitat – along with more hopeful stories about black-footed ferret reintroduction.


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