Species ABCs

Use these alphabet tools with learners in grades K-5 to enhance their vocabulary skills while learning about animals, habitats, and the importance of biodiversity.

Species ABCs

Choose your preferred Species ABCs teaching tool. The Species ABCs flashcards (in landscape orientation) can be printed out double-sided, flipping along the short edge and cut to create individual cards. The Species ABCs PowerPoint displays the visual and fact as slides to go through with your young learners.

  • Flashcards (Printable)

    Flashcards (Printable)

  • Classroom Presentation (PowerPoint)

    Classroom Presentation (PowerPoint)

Educator's Guide

The Educator's Guide offers suggestions of enriching learning opportunities to use with the Species ABCs flashcards or classroom presentation. Pair the flashcards or presentation with any of the activity ideas listed to create an enriching experience to teach students about wildife and why it's important.

  • Educator Guide (K-2)

    • Move around with an alphabet activity

    • Flip through the ABCs printouts

    • Respond to age-appropriate questions

  • Educator Guide (3-5)

    • Pair-share about different species

    • Craft a biodiversity mosaic

    • Practice reading with the ABCs printouts

    All About Species

    Get to know some of the world's most iconic wildlife! Pair these videos with the Species ABCs to learn more about animals featured in the alphabet flashcards.

    For more educational videos and Q&A sessions with our experts, subscribe to WWF's Wild Classroom YouTube channel.