© Karine Aigner/NPL/Minden Pictures
© Karine Aigner/NPL/Minden Pictures

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When you travel with WWF through Natural Habitat Adventures, you join us as a force for change in addressing the most pressing conservation challenges around the world. Together, we are pioneering conservation travel, sustainable travel that supports the protection of nature, wildlife and local communities. Your trip helps us transform the future of nature.

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Nat Hab Films

Watch a collection of conservation travel stories from across the globe. These short films explore our planet's threatened habitats and reveal the inspiring people engaged in protecting wildlife in these wild places.

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Responsible Travel Tips

Every year, billions of people travel for family visits, vacation, and business, making travel and tourism one of the largest industries in the world. Learn how travelers can minimize their footprint and contribute to local communities.

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Your Daily Dose of Nature

Join us every weekday at 3 pm Eastern Time / 1 pm Mountain Time for your Daily Dose of Nature, daily webinars from our 150 professional guides and WWF experts from around the globe, designed to inspire your current and future adventure plans.

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New: Photo Expeditions

Whether you’re an avid amateur, accomplished intermediate or professional photographer, Nat Hab Photo Expeditions are your portal to the most immersive nature photography opportunities out there. Our goal is singular: to help photographers get iconic shots of wildlife and landscapes in the world's most entrancing natural places.