CARE-WWF Alliance: Helping People and the Planet Thrive

Althea  Skinner

Althea Skinner, Lead Specialist, Socially Inclusive Conservation June, 2021

In 2008, CARE and WWF launched a strategic partnership to address the root causes of poverty and environmental degradation. Through this partnership, CARE and WWF work side-by-side to strengthen the resilience of communities and ecosystems. In this webinar, hear from Althea Skinner, Lead Specialist, Socially Inclusive Conservation, as she discusses how the CARE-WWF Alliance is developing solutions that help create opportunities for vulnerable women and men to lift themselves out of poverty and food insecurity by improving their livelihoods and managing natural resources in ways that protect wildlife and conserve their habitats.

The CARE-WWF Alliance was founded in partnership with the Sall Family Foundation in 2008 and continues to thrive thanks to their longstanding support. Our joint work is also generously supported by USAID, several anonymous foundations and many others.