Securing a Future for Wild Tigers: A look beyond the numbers

Stuart Chapman Dechen Dorji

Stuart Chapman, Leader, Tigers Alive Initiative, WWF InternationalDechen Dorji, Senior Director for Asia, Wildlife Conservation February, 2021

In 2010, the global wild tiger population was at an all-time low of an estimated 3,200. With the future of wild tigers at risk, leaders from 13 tiger-range countries decided it was time to act and work together towards an unprecedented goal: doubling the number of tigers in the wild by 2022, the next Chinese Lunar Year of the Tiger. WWF played a critical role in creating a shared vision for tiger conservation by partnering with the 13 tiger-range country governments and committing to the same goal. This effort, known as Tx2 is one of the most ambitious global recovery efforts ever undertaken for a single species and was a significant turning point for tiger conservation. In this webinar, hear from Stuart Chapman, Tigers Alive Initiative Lead and Dechen Dorji, Senior Director for Asia, Wildlife Conservation as they update us on the lessons learned in the first 10 years of the campaign—what worked, what didn’t, and where we go after 2022 to keep the population of this iconic species thriving.