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Nearly half of all global forests are under threat of deforestation and forest degradation, which represents a major risk to global climate, biodiversity, and water—and the people and businesses that depend on healthy forests.

Forests are a critical tool in the fight against climate change and are essential to human health. Research shows that nature-based solutions and the broader land sector could contribute up to 30% of the climate mitigation needed by 2050 to meet the Paris Agreement's objective of limiting global warming.

HP and WWF have worked together for more than a decade to help HP achieve its zero-deforestation paper sourcing goals. Given the crucial role forests play in the world, and to HP's business, HP wanted to go beyond responsible sourcing and do even more to help forests. In September 2019, WWF and HP embarked on a partnership to harness nature-based solutions to help restore 1,340 acres (550 hectares) of threatened forests in Brazil and improve the management of 220,000 acres (89,000 hectares) of forests in China. The partnership also includes efforts to develop science-based targets for forests and a tool to better estimate the carbon and nature benefits of forest landscape actions like restoration and improved forest management.

In April 2021, HP made a 2030 commitment to counteract potential deforestation and forest degradation for all paper used in HP products, irrespective of brand, by scaling up investments in forest restoration, protection, and improved management.

In October 2021, WWF and HP expanded their partnership to address the impacts on forests from printing with HP printers. Together, WWF and HP will restore, protect, and improve the management of nearly 1 million acres of forest landscapes, an area approximately five times the size of New York City.

This $80 million expansion aims to help combat climate change and nature loss through investments in high-integrity nature-based solutions and sets the bar for corporate action, inspiring other companies to address their own downstream environmental impacts.

HP is also a member of WWF's Forests Forward and Climate Business Network.

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Our Impact

Forest Restoration and Improved Forest Management

Create a forest positive future ...

Goals: Create a forest positive future by restoring, protecting, and improving the management of critical forest landscapes.

  • In China, our goal is to transition over 200,000 acres of forest and plantations to Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)-certified management.
  • In Brazil, our goal is for over 1,300 acres of the endangered Atlantic Forest to be put under native forest restoration.


  • Engaged over 50 local institutions and 150 community stakeholders in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest in native forest restoration.
  • Placed 158 acres of land under restoration, including more than 66,000 seedlings planted and 37 freshwater springs protected in Brazil as part of the Raízes do Mogi Guaçu project.
  • Helped transition over 35,257 acres of bamboo and mixed forests to FSC smallholder certification.
  • Worked with state-owned forest farms in China, representing 462,000 acres of forest, to improve their management practices, with an initial focus on biodiversity.

Science-Based Targets for Forests

Develop science-based targets for forests by identifying ...

Goal: Develop science-based targets for forests by identifying what quality, quantity, and connectivity of forests are needed in key regions for forests to thrive for people and nature under a changing climate.

Progress: Convened the first pilot workshop to explore the feasibility of setting locally defined targets for Brazil’s Atlantic Forest.


HP is a long-standing WWF climate partner, dating back to 2006. The company ...


  • HP is a long-standing WWF climate partner, dating back to 2006. The company joined WWF’s Climate Savers program in 2008, which has now transitioned to the new WWF Climate Business Network.
  • HP has set and achieved increasingly ambitious goals over the partnership’s 15 years. In April 2021, HP announced a new round of goals to complement its 1.5°C-aligned target set with the Science Based Targets initiative in 2017. The company committed to:
    • Achieve net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across HP's value chain by 2040.
    • Reduce HP's value chain GHG emissions 50% by 2030.
    • Reach carbon neutrality and zero waste in HP operations by 2025.

Progress: For information on HP’s climate progress, please see the company’s latest Sustainable Impact Report.

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