3 must-haves from the 2023 Farm Bill

row crop farm with a path through the middle

WWF is advocating for three priorities in the Farm Bill, due to be renewed this year.

  1. Help achieve net zero agricultural emissions by 2040 and enhance biodiversity by providing financial incentives to keep grasslands intact, eliminating Farm Bill policies that incentivize conversion of intact habitat, and strengthening action to halt illegal timber imports.
  2. Support farmers who adopt sustainable ranching, more diversified cropping systems, and practices that improve wildlife habitat. The need to shift to more regenerative agricultural methods is urgent, because with current emissions trends, extreme weather will drive an increase of 22% in insurance payouts for crops by 2080.
  3. Reduce food waste as a source of emissions by providing grants for states and schools to implement programs and policies that reduce food loss and waste, standardizing food date labels, and repurposing leftover food for animal feed.

Learn more about WWF’s Farm Bill advocacy work.

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