Markets Institute: Our Team

  • Jason Clay headshot

    Jason Clay, Ph.D

    Executive Director, The Markets Institute at WWF
    Senior Vice President, Markets
  • headshot of Corey Norton

    Corey L. Norton

    Vice President, Supply Chain Legality, Markets Institute
  • headshot of Karla Canavan

    Karla Canavan

    Karla Canavan, VP, Commodity Trade and Finance, Markets
  • headshot of Julia Kurnik

    Julia Kurnik

    Julia Kurnik, Director, Innovation Startups, Markets
  • Heather Wright

    Heather Wright

    Vice President, Markets | Markets Institute
  • Katherine  Devine

    Katherine Devine

    Director, Business Case Development, Markets
  • Emily Moberg headshot

    Emily Moberg

    Research Lead Specialist, Scope 3 Carbon Measurement and Mitigation
  • Emaan Strawn headshot

    Emaan Strawn

    Program Associate, Markets | Markets Institute