WWF Impact

Wild innovations.
Bold investments.

For more than 60 years, WWF has supported conservation efforts around the globe. But time is running out to address today’s twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss. We need to move faster, with wide-reaching innovations and scaled solutions, at a pace unlike ever before. To meet this challenge, we will need to tap into business models and capital sources that can augment our traditional philanthropic models. Partnering with the private sector to develop, invest in, and grow innovations will help secure a future where communities, ecosystems, and natural resources can thrive and grow together sustainably.

That’s why we’re launching WWF Impact, an impact investing platform that offers an opportunity to fund and boost groundbreaking, conservation-minded enterprises poised to support the transformation to a more sustainable world.

Building transformational gains for people and planet

WWF Impact focuses on two strategies where we are uniquely positioned to make a difference. Through Catalytic Investing, WWF Impact will find and support early-stage entrepreneurs who are on the leading edge of innovation. With Market Partnerships, WWF Impact will work alongside established investment managers to fund businesses that have a clear path to delivering sustainability benefits at scale, creating meaningful environmental benefits that align with successful business models and financial returns.

Catalytic Investing

Early-stage investments for exponential impact

The rate of innovation is accelerating — but it’s not always easy to identify and invest in truly breakthrough ideas. WWF will use our extensive experience working across food, land, and water issues to uncover and support early-stage enterprises that are developing new business models and breakthrough approaches. With the support of flexible, risk-taking capital and WWF’s expertise and guidance, these entrepreneurs will be well positioned to take on the toughest planetary challenges, develop neglected market opportunities, and disrupt business as usual.

Market Partnerships

Growth capital to drive conservation results in mainstream markets

Many tried and tested sustainability innovations that could be game changing already exist, but business as usual stops them from reaching their potential; hence, they don’t achieve the support of partners and investors to implement at scale. WWF Impact’s Market Partnerships has identified several such opportunities and will team up with committed investment managers who specialize in executing these sustainable business models. In addition to setting the example for mainstream markets, our partnerships will create holistic and inclusive strategies that deliver returns on every measure of impact—while ensuring true community partnership and transparency.

Our Focus Areas

  • Regenerative Agriculture

  • Food Circularity

  • Aquaculture Advancements

  • Sustainable Forestry

  • Natural Capital

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