Procter & Gamble and Sylvamo Join Forests Forward, WWF's Program Engaging Businesses to Help Forests Thrive

Today World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) Forests Forward program welcomes two new participants: Procter & Gamble and Sylvamo. Forests Forward, launched in 2021, engages companies and other stakeholders around the world to deliver effective nature-based strategies for forests that help achieve their business and sustainability goals. Working together, WWF and participating businesses aim to realize meaningful, long-term benefits for nature, climate and people. Companies in Forests Forward also gain a better understanding of how to mitigate sourcing, climate and social risks while demonstrating leadership and building resilient supply chains for the future.

Learn more about Forests Forward, including how program participants across the globe are taking action for forests.

Kerry Cesareo, Senior Vice President, Forests, World Wildlife Fund:

“Forests Forward gives businesses opportunities to scale up action for forests and confront some of the biggest threats facing our planet today. The addition of these two leading companies represents significant momentum only one year into the program and speaks volumes to its unique approach and effectiveness. Rooted in science and respect for local communities, WWF works with businesses to reduce their footprints and provide on-the-ground opportunities to conserve and revitalize landscapes. These are the types of action-oriented solutions we need to halt climate change and ensure a prosperous future for people and nature.”

Virginie Helias, Chief Sustainability Officer, Procter & Gamble:

“At P&G, we recognize that forests play a critical role in a future where people and nature can thrive. We are excited to be part of WWF’s Forests Forward program, to learn from and share approaches with other companies, to further reduce our forest-related sourcing impacts, and to support nature-based solutions that benefit people, nature and our global climate.”

James McDonald, Chief Sustainability Officer, Sylvamo:

“By creating a stakeholder network of diverse organizations, programs like Forests Forward enable Sylvamo to deliver on our 2030 sustainable forestry goal. Healthy forests are a critical component of any natural climate solution. We are excited to support this necessary work that has so many benefits for people, the planet and the promise of paper.”

Businesses interested in joining Forests Forward can contact [email protected] to learn more.