Forests Forward

Helping Companies Deliver Lasting Science-Driven Strategies to Benefit Nature, Climate, and People


Forests Forward is a new WWF corporate program that engages companies around the world to help them reduce their forest footprint and support other on-the-ground actions—like forest restoration—to keep forests thriving for people, nature, and climate.

The program is a one-stop shop for companies looking to implement best practices around nature-based solutions to deliver on their sustainability and business goals. Drawing on our deep expertise in forests, science, and climate, WWF works with companies on both long-term and near-term strategies and collaborations that have lasting benefits—not only for the companies but also for local communities.

“Forests Forward gives companies opportunities to scale up action on forests and confront some of the biggest threats facing our planet today. And these actions are not one-off solutions. They drive real, lasting change that makes a tangible difference in people’s lives and the health of our natural world.” Kerry Cesareo, Senior Vice President, Forests

Forests Forward includes a global interactive platform where WWF and companies can highlight the actions they're taking in specific landscapes.

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What WWF Is Doing

Aerial view of an expansive rainforest with mountains in the background

Aerial view of Tawau Hills Park in Sabah, Malaysia

WWF's Forests Forward program focuses on three pillars for engagement:

  • Landscape Opportunities for Nature, Climate, and Communities. For companies seeking to enhance the health of forests, contribute to climate solutions, and improve community well-being, WWF provides unique opportunities to support rigorous nature-based solutions in critically important forest landscapes around the world to deliver these benefits. Examples of these landscapes include Brazil’s Atlantic Forest; Sabah, Malaysia; and the southeastern United States; among others.
  • Responsible Supply Chains for the Future. WWF helps businesses design and implement responsible supply chain strategies for companies with product or packaging sourcing that can impact forests.
  • Improved Forest Management. WWF works with businesses that manage forests to implement strategies that boost those forests’ ability to sustain biodiversity, benefit global climate, and support local communities.

Press Release: WWF Launches "Forests Forward," a Global Program to Help Companies Deliver Lasting Science-Driven Strategies to Benefit Nature, Climate and People

Today World Wildlife Fund (WWF) launched “Forests Forward,” a new program that engages with companies and other stakeholders around the globe to deliver effective nature-based strategies for forests that help achieve their business and sustainability goals. Working together, WWF and participating businesses aim to realize meaningful, long-term benefits for nature, climate and people. Companies in Forests Forward will also gain a better understanding of how to mitigate sourcing, climate and social risks while demonstrating leadership and building resilient supply chains for the future.