WWF Statement on Senator Osmany Salas Leading the Belize Project Finance for Permanence

Today Belize Senator Osmany Salas announced that he will assume the role of Lead, Belize Project Finance for Permanence (PFP) for World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Senator Salas has served as a Member of Parliament since 2017, serving in the Upper Chamber of the National Assembly of Belize as Senator representing non-governmental organizations. In his new role, Senator Salas will lead the team developing the world’s first fully coastal and marine PFP initiative.

In response to this announcement, Chris Holtz, WWF vice president, Earth for Life, stated:

“We are delighted that Senator Salas will be leading the development of this PFP initiative for Belize. His dedication to a strong Belizean civil society will ensure all voices are heard and included, and his experience in policy and planning will ensure effective development and implementation of a PFP that advances Belize’s ambitious conservation and climate commitments.”

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