• Improving Mangrove Conservation Across the Eastern Tropical Pacific Seascape (ETPS)

    In partnership with Conservation International, this project is located in Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, and Panama.

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  • Wildlife Adaptation Innovation Fund

    WWF’s Wildlife Adaptation Innovation Fund supports the testing of new ideas that have potential to reduce the vulnerability of wildlife to changes in climate through on-the-ground projects. Successes and lessons learned from these pilot projects provide useful guidance that move conservation beyond business-as-usual approaches and successful efforts can be replicated or taken to scale to help wildlife endure under conditions of rapid change. Projects piloted through this fund must meet the following criteria:

    • Address climate vulnerability of one or more target species through interventions that directly support those species or help communities adapt to change and thus reduce pressure on target species.
    • Be implemented in one year or less with plans to monitor results in following years.
    • Focus on on-the-ground project implementation of a project rather than research.
  • Sustainable Ranching Initiative

    WWF’s Sustainable Ranching Initiative works with farmers and ranchers around the world to identify and accelerate the use of more ecologically and economically sustainable management practices


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  • Financial Tools for Small Scale Fishers in Melanesia

    The project will utilize financial tools for small scale fishers in Melanesia to improve resilience to the adverse impacts of climate change, including major shock events, in vulnerable coastal small-scale fisher communities in Fiji and PNG.

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  • Solar panel on a roof top over looking a Buddhist shrine, Bodhnath Stupa in Kathmandu, Nepal