Fighting Food Waste in Hospitality and Food Service

People use tongs to take food from catering trays in a hotel

WWF serves as a coordinator of the global hospitality and food service sectors on the topic of food waste, supporting sector initiatives and tool development through its strategic partnerships. WWF's aim is to accelerate food waste reduction across these sectors globally through pre-competitive collaboration, food waste measurement and reporting standardization, and policy advocacy on food waste.

Hotel Kitchen is WWF's hub of operational guidance for hotel properties addressing food waste, providing tools and step-by-step guidance for executives, chefs, managers, and staff to measure and manage waste. WWF supports restaurants and food service businesses to address food waste, collaborating with large food service and catering companies on initiative strategy and implementation. 86 Food Waste is WWF's hub of guidance developed for US restaurant operators applicable to diverse restaurant concepts.

Toolkits and Resources

All of WWF's Food Loss and Waste projects are viewed through the lens of addressing larger systemic food inequities experienced by communities that face barriers—such as immigrants, people of color, and Indigenous peoples. Our aim is to ensure that our projects maximize food use, advance circular systems, contribute to little to no land conversion, and engage in diversity, equity, and inclusion-positive practices. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with diverse actors on this work, and if you are interested in getting in touch, please visit our Partnership Opportunities page or email [email protected].