Food Sustainability: Lessons for a Changing World

In 2021, the United Nations conducted a Food Systems Summit to review and transform “the entire spectrum of food,” including its production, shipping, consumption, and disposal. In July 2023, and every two years following, the U.N. will conduct a global stock-taking meeting to review progress in implementing the outcomes and contributions of the Summit and its goal of using the power of food systems to achieve all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. This year's meeting, in Rome on July 24-26, aims to promote more sustainable, equitable, healthy, and resilient food systems that directly impact people's lives and livelihoods. Below you will find a snapshot of how some of the most advanced food companies see their place in the global food system and encounter our thoughts on what we can all learn from tackling this complex issue.

Cover of the 'Nature Positive: How? Starting Now.' publication © The Markets Institute at WWF-US

Nature Positive: How? Starting Now.

Combating climate change requires knowledge sharing and we recently spoke with representatives of key global food retail companies to learn from their experience on the frontlines of food sustainability. We’ve combined excerpts of these interviews into a single document, highlighting key insights that have emerged as our understanding of food sustainability has evolved and advanced.

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Life at the Speed of Change

The impacts of climate change are more extreme, more variable, and more omnipresent than we thought possible. And we all struggle — individuals, NGOs, companies, and governments alike — to find responses to the impacts in order to counter them. On the eve of a biennial Food Systems Stocktaking Moment in Rome, Jason Clay, Senior Vice President of Markets at WWF, offers thoughts on how some of the most advanced food companies we work with are coping with the current environment.

Video Highlight: Fisheries Improvement Fund

Andrew Russell, Global Lead of Fish Sustainability at Mars, explains how the Fisheries Improvement Fund — a collaborative effort of Mars, WWF, and Finance Earth — is helping to support healthy marine ecosystems and improve the livelihoods of millions.

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