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The WWF online bookstore features a selection of books written by WWF staff, books funded by WWF, and books recommended by our experts on various topics related to our conservation work. Through the Amazon.com Associates program, WWF receives between 4% and 8% of any purchase on Amazon.com originating from the WWF website.

Liz Claiborne book

Liz Claiborne: The Legend, The Woman

By Art Ortenberg

Liz Claiborne died in 2007 at age 78 following a long fight against cancer. In Liz Claiborne: The Legend, The Woman, her widower and business partner Art Ortenberg tells of their many travels around the world together and their dedication to the conservation of nature through The Liz Claiborne Art Ortenberg Foundation. Established in 1989 to provide substantial support for wilderness preservation, the Foundation helped to pioneer programs at WWF focused on people, poverty and conservation. Recently and appropriately, Foundation support has helped a new generation of women around the world join the ranks of professional conservation through WWF’s Russell E. Train Education for Nature Program.

The Soul of the Rhino book

The Soul of the Rhino: A Nepali Adventure with Kings and Elephant Drivers, Billionaires and Bureaucrats, Shamans and Scientists and the Indian Rhinoceros

By Hemanta Mishra

In early 2006, National Public Radio reported that “A promising conservation effort to save one of Nepal’s signature endangered species is now in serious trouble, due primarily to poachers taking advantage of fighting between government forces and Maoist insurgents.” This was devastating news indeed to author and scientist Hemanta Mishra, who has spent the better part of his adult life struggling to save the Indian Rhino from extinction in his native Nepal.

The Soul of the Rhino is the spirited yet humble account of Mishra’s unique personal journey. Fresh out of university in the 1970s, Mishra embarks on his conservation work with the help of an ornery but steadfast elephant driver, the Nepalese royal family, and handfuls of like-minded scientists whose aim is to protect the animal in the foothills of the Himalayas. Yet, in spite of decades spent creating nature reserves and moving rhinos to protected areas, arm-wrestling politicians, and raising awareness for the cause, Mishra is still fearful about the future of the Indian Rhino. To this day, Nepal is overrun by armed insurgents, political violence, and poachers who could kill off this magnificent creature for good.

Tigerland Book

Tigerland and Other Unintended Destinations

By Eric Dinerstein

Tigerland and Other Unintended Destinations, published by Island Press, takes readers on author Eric Dinerstein's dynamic journey to conservation's frontiers, from early research in Nepal to recent expeditions as head of Conservation Science at the World Wildlife Fund. Tigerland and Other Unintended Destinations

The Lady and the Panda book

The Lady and the Panda : The True Adventures of the First American Explorer to Bring Back China's Most Exotic Animal

By Vicki Croke

The true story of Ruth Harkness, Mahattan socialite and dress designer, who in 1936 went against all-but-impossible odds, trekking into the most dangerous and little-known corners of the world to track and capture the most mysterious animal of the day: the giant Panda. Drawing extensively on American and Chines sources -- including diaries, scores of interviews, and previously unseen letters, The Lady and the Panda brings us a richly textured narrative about a woman ahead of her time and a classic tale of survival and victory over the odds as remarkable as the panda bear itself.

Earth: The Sequel book

Earth: The Sequel

By Fred Krupp

Earth: The Sequel reveals an exciting race that is just beginning - a race to develop low-carbon energy in time to turn the threat of global warming -- our planet's greatest environmental crisis -- into our greatest economic opportunity. It's an inspiring adventure story profiling clean energy innovators and their cutting edge technologies.

Plant book


By Janet Marinelli

A new-generation encyclopedia of environmental and horticultural information to help gardeners make the right decisions about what to grow in their gardens. TRAFFIC, WWF's wildlife trade monitoring network, helped conceive of this book. The book is published by DK Publishing, in association with the leading botanical gardens around the world.

Daybreak 2000 book

Daybreak 2000: Earth's Natural Beauty Captured at the Dawn of a New Age

By Roger Tefft, Project Director

More than 100 professional photographers were placed all around the world on January 1, 2000 to capture the natural beauty of our Earth for this amazing compilation of images. With more than 25 countries on six continents represented, these photographers, including the late Galen Rowell, have encapsulated both beauty and nature in these striking photographs.

Nature's Strongholds book

Nature's Strongholds: The World's Greatest Wildlife Reserves

By Laura and William Riley

For the first time, the splendor of the world's most impressive wildlife reserves is captured on the printed page in this gloriously illustrated book. Featuring 600 natural sanctuaries, these reserves represent the last places on earth where the natural world remains intact.

Politics, Pollution and Pandas book

Politics, Pollution and Pandas: An Environmental Memoir

By Russell E. Train, chairman emeritus of WWF

A fascinating, behind-the-scenes account of the politics of the environment over much of the last half century, told by one of its master architects.

Return of the Unicorns book

Return of the Unicorns

By Eric Dinerstein & George B. Schaller

In an age of rapidly disappearing animal species there can be success stories in the world of wildlife conservation. This book provides an account of the formerly endangered greater one-horned rhinoceros and details the practical conservation strategy that was successfully applied to save them.

Animals and Plants of the Ancient Maya book

Animals and Plants of the Ancient Maya: A Guide

By Victoria Schlesinger

"Part field guide, part book of vignettes discussing the animals and plants most commonly seen in the Maya area, this fine guide provides a fresh synthesis of anthropological and biological research that will serve as an engaging and practical resource for visitors, students, and burgeoning naturalists."

-Paul R. Ehrlich, President, Center for Conservation Biology, Stanford University

Our Stolen Future book

Our Stolen Future

By Theo Colborn, Dianne Dumanoski, John Peterson Myers

The subject of front page headlines and evening news broadcasts, this groundbreaking book first revealed that chemicals in the environment have affected human reproductive patterns in way that may threaten the survival of the species.

"Deserves to be read by the widest possible audience."

-The New York Times Book Review


The Myth of Wild Africa book

The Myth of Wild Africa: Conservation Without Illusion

By Jonathan S. Adams, Thomas O. McShane (Contributor)

The authors make the complexity of the continent, its ecosystems and its political problems abundantly clear.

-New York Times Book Review

Hello, Fish! book

Hello, Fish! Visiting the Coral Reef

By Sylvia A. Earle, Wolcott Henry (Photographer)

Far less work than a home aquarium, and even more exotic in its content, is this collection of fish inhabitants of a tropical coral reef. From colorful clownfish to sinister stargazer, these denizens of the deep are here before our eyes, in clear, captivating close-up portraits.

Wild Ocean

Wild Ocean: America's Parks Under the Sea

By Sylvia A. Earle, Wolcott Henry (Photographer)

With the advent of national marine sanctuaries, the United States has taken this good idea underwater. Prominent marine biologist Sylvia Earle and underwater photographer Wolcott Henry take readers on a breathtaking grand tour of America's undersea parks in Wild Ocean.

Sea Critters book

Sea Critters

By Sylvia A. Earle, Wolcott Henry (Photographer)

For slightly younger children, this book covers a wide range of unusual "sea critters," from sponges and Christmas- tree worms to sea squirts and moray eels. Henry's full-page, brilliantly colored photos are astonishing. Combined with the exciting words, they make children see a new world.

Terrestrial Ecoregions of North America book

Terrestrial Ecoregions of North America: A Conservation Assessment

By Ricketts, T.H., E. Dinerstein, D.M. Olson, C.J. Loucks, W. Eichbaum, D. DellaSala, K. Kavanagh, P. Hedao, P.T. Hurley, K.M. Carney, R. Abell, and S. Walters, editors.

A Conservation Assessment of the Freshwater Ecoregions of North America book

A Conservation Assessment of the Freshwater Ecoregions of North America

By Abell, R., D. M. Olson, E. Dinerstein, P. Hurley, S. Walters, C. Loucks, T. Allnutt, and W.W. Wettengel

The Terrestrial Ecoregions of the Indo-Pacific book

The Terrestrial Ecoregions of the Indo-Pacific: A Conservation Assessment

By Wikramanayake, E. D., E. Dinerstein, C. J. Loucks, D. M. Olson, J. Morrison, J. Lamoreux, M. McKnight, and P. Hedao.