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  • Thirty Hills

    WWF and partners secure protection for critical rain forest in Sumatra. Thirty Hills is one of the last places on Earth where elephants, tigers and orangutans coexist in the wild.

    orangutan in Thirty Hills, Sumatra
  • Conservation Workshop Grants

    Conservation Workshop Grants fund organizations to train communities, stakeholders, park guards, and others on local and regional conservation issues. These grants support training workshops with a strong hands-on learning component that will build capacity for people living in WWF priority regions in select countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

    Workshop grantees
  • Kathryn S. Fuller Science for Nature Seminar Series

    WWF’s Science for Nature Seminars provide a regular forum for the conservation community to learn, discuss, network and inspire. The series seeks to advance the discussion of cutting edge research relating to critical topics in international conservation by featuring distinguished scientists from across the globe.

  • 4 EFN Misiones grantees 2-edit
  • Smartphone app helps communities improve their fisheries management

    WWF has developed a new smartphone app that helps fisherman self-report their catch data while at sea, making it easier and cheaper for fisheries managers, businesses, and governments to collect vital information about community fishing activities.  

    Pomada shrimp fishing vessel in Ecuador Daylin Munoz-Nunez