• Recharge Pakistan

    This GCF-led coalition grant supports integrated flood risk management and ecosystem-based adaptation by bringing nature-based solutions to Pakistan's Indus River Basin. The interventions aim to reverse potential flood damage over several years, starting from the Himalayan glaciers down to the Indian Ocean. Comprised of multi-tiered projects and estimated to impact 7 million people and their livelihoods, the grant is fully aligned with the Government of Pakistan’s national climate change goals.

  • Sustainable Luangwa: Securing Luangwa’s Water Resources for Shared Socioeconomic and Environmental Benefits Through Integrated Catchment Management

    This project will work with communities and government to propose a Water Resource Protected Area in the headwaters, improve small farmers’ agricultural practices and designate community forests to reduce land degradation and biodiversity loss in the Luangwa headwaters, protecting its water resources, biodiversity and associated livelihoods.

  • Expanding and Consolidating Madagascar’s Marine Protected Areas Network

    Ministries have come together to support the project and its goals. Through this cooperation and strong interest from the president, the project will safeguard Madagascar’s marine resources into the future. The project works on tripling the number of Marine Protected Areas and strengthening their management.

    humback whale jump
  • Securing a Living Amazon through Landscape Connectivity in Southern Guyana

    Under the Amazon Sustainable Landscape Impact Program (GEF 7), Guyana’s Child Project will aim at strengthening and improving landscape connectivity through the establishment of conservation areas (800,000 ha) and the management of productive areas (400,000 ha) within southern Guyana.

    Jaguar lying down watching camera
  • Resilient Bold Belize

    As part of the Blue and Green Islands GEF8 Integrated program, this innovative child project aims to secure the long-term conservation and resilience of Belize´s marine and coastal ecosystems, promoting nature-based livelihoods and the wellbeing of Belizeans

    Belize barrier reef