• Generating Responsible Demand for Reduced Deforestation Commodities

    The project will contribute to the improved management of 23 million hectares of forest and grassland and mitigate 117.5 million tons of C02.

    Farm tractor collecting harvested oil palm
  • The Freshwater Challenge

    The Freshwater Challenge is the world’s largest initiative to restore degraded rivers, lakes, and wetlands and to protect vital freshwater ecosystems

    A calm stretch of river in dimming light with desert shoreline and blue sky
  • Sustainable Ranching Initiative

    WWF’s Sustainable Ranching Initiative works with farmers and ranchers around the world to identify and accelerate the use of more ecologically and economically sustainable management practices


    Two women stand on prairie with cattle herd
  • Embedding Circularity in the Transition to Regenerative Agriculture

    WWF is pioneering an effort to quantify the implications of food loss in production systems that are transitioning to regenerative production. Together with Cascade Agroecology, WWF is measuring soil health, insect diversity, total yield, and marketable loss to develop a business case to help the wider marketplace of growers and buyers to better understand the implications of the transition to regenerative agriculture.

  • WWF and USAID: Conserving Biodiversity in Viet Nam

    Under the USAID Biodiversity Conservation project, WWF, in partnership with the government of Viet Nam and conservation partners, is working to maintain and increase forest quality and protect and stabilize wildlife populations in protected areas.