• Expanding and Consolidating Madagascar’s Marine Protected Areas Network

    Ministries have come together to support the project and its goals. Through this cooperation and strong interest from the president, the project will safeguard Madagascar’s marine resources into the future. The project works on tripling the number of Marine Protected Areas and strengthening their management.

    humback whale jump
  • Promoting Integrated Sustainable Management of the Peruvian Amazonian landscape Madre de Dios

    working to promote the conservation and sustainable use of priority ecosystems in the Madre de Dios Basin

    A sprawling forest landscape with mountains in the distance under a blue sky and bright green foliage close-up in the foreground
  • Promoting circular solutions to single-use plastic production and consumption in Lao PDR

    As part of the GEF 8 Circular Solutions to Plastic Pollution Integrated Program, the project intends to work both at national and sub-national levels, targeting three cities: Vientiane, Vang Vieng, and Luang Prabang.

    Aerial photo of a river clogged by plastic waste
  • Improving Renewable Siting

    A dramatic expansion of renewable sources of electricity—such as wind, solar and hydropower—is required to meet goals for delivering climate-safe and abundant electricity. This transition must happen in a way that does not negatively impact communities or landscapes, such as the widespread loss of healthy rivers and floodplains to hydropower dams or the conversion or degradation of important terrestrial and marine habitats to wind and solar expansion and transmission lines. WWF scientists, with partners, are researching pathways to expand renewable energy through policies and practices that meet urgent climate goals while minimizing negative impacts to social and environmental resources.

    Windmills at sunset
  • Exploring Systems

    WWF is working to transform how we plan, implement, and evaluate programs to better adapt to the changing needs of our complex world. Through guiding principles, practical tools, and real-world stories, we strive to make systems thinking practical and accessible for those seeking to create inclusive, impactful, and adaptive solutions to today's toughest problems.

    The Craft of Systems Change