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A view of the rattan forest canopy.

Want to help the world's forests? Look for the FSC label when you shop

It’s one of the easiest things you can do to help save the world’s forests. Look for the label that says FSC® when you buy paper towels, tissues, furniture or any other products that come from forests.

  • Amazing image of wild tiger in Bhutan

    July 28, 2017

    Filmmaker and photojournalist Emmanuel Rondeau spent four weeks in the wildlife corridors of Bhutan with a camera trap poised to capture the elusive tiger. After weeks of waiting, a tiger appeared on the final day of the expedition. The result? The first high-resolution camera trap image of a wild tiger in Bhutan captured above 11,000 feet.

    A tiger walking in Bhutan.
  • Sustainable tea's fragrant harvest

    In 2013, Jinjing began working with WWF and The Coca-Cola Company to convert 100% of its productions to sustainable practices, including building water-collecting and irrigation systems and constructing wetlands. 

    Harvesting tea leaves
  • The Yangtze River's last surviving mammal

    Little known even to people who live in China’s Yangtze River Basin, a shy mammal with a secret smile has been pulsing through the waters of Asia’s longest river for some 100,000 years.

    Yangtze finless porpoise
  • A new plan to save Belize's livelihood-giving reef and coasts

    July 27, 2017

    The coastal nation of Belize is at a crossroads. In 2009, the reef system was added to UNESCO’s List of World Heritage in Danger. It remains on the list today because of mangrove deforestation, unsustainable coastal development and offshore oil exploration. The good news is a coastal zone management plan can safeguard Belize’s natural assets and produce a win-win opportunity for the people and environment.

    Fish in the ocean in Belize.
  • Meet Singye Wangmo, tiger protector

    July 27, 2017

    Singye Wangmo exudes a natural passion for wildlife. One of the few female forestry officers working on the ground in Bhutan, she spends her days protecting the tigers of Royal Manas National Park from poachers.

    Singye Wangmo checking a tiger pug mark.
  • Saving the Père David's Deer

    This Chinese deer went extinct in the wild, only to be saved on a British duke’s estate. Now, Père David’s deer is back home in China and adding a new chapter to its illustrious story.

    Pere David's Deer with grass in antlers
  • Rivers around the world

    WWF Magazine: Fall 2017
    Each river is unique. What makes a river special depends entirely on its influences: its people, landscape and purpose. Learn more about three inspiring rivers and the breadth of life they support
    Mekong River
  • Bringing back the Iberian lynx

    The Iberian lynx is the world's most endangered cat. In 2002, there were fewer than 100 left in the wild. WWF and its partners are working to restore the Iberian lynx to areas where it used to live. And where it could still flourish today - with a little help.

    Two young Iberian Lynx.
  • Rebirth along China's Yangtze River

    WWF Magazine: Fall 2017
    Without direct intervention, the Yangtze finless porpoise may face extinction. But that reckoning is up against an even more powerful force: unyielding economic development.
    A ferry captain looks for signs of the Yangtze finless porpoise on the Tian-E-Zhou oxbow lake near Yueyang, China
  • President's Letter: Seeking refuge from the storm

    WWF Magazine: Fall 2017
    At WWF, we're committed to ensuring that the nations of the world uphold their commitments under the Paris Agreement, despite the White House announcement that the US would exit the agreement.
    aerial view of the Amazon River
  • America’s Arctic could soon open up to a new wave of risky offshore oil and gas drilling

    July 20, 2017

    Every five years, the US determines where oil and gas companies can purchase leases for offshore drilling. The most recent plan excluded the Arctic, but the Trump administration wants to change that.

    Arctic ocean
  • Source to Sink: What makes a free-flowing river?

    WWF Magazine: Fall 2017
    A free-flowing river runs from its source to its outlet or “sink”—another river, a lake, or the sea—with few obstacles or alterations to how and where it flows. Here's how researchers spot one.
    River and dam illustration
  • A nature guide illuminates one of the world's greatest bastions of the wild: Montana

    WWF Magazine: Fall 2017
    Glacier is one of the last pristine wilderness areas left in the lower 48 states. Its rugged peaks, forested valleys, and alpine meadows offer refuge to a diversity of unique flora and fauna.
  • Using fire to beat back invasive giant cane on the banks of the Rio Grande

    WWF Magazine: Fall 2017
    Each year, WWF leads a team of park rangers and conservationists to set controlled fires along remote stretches of the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo River.
    Fires along river
  • Editors Note: Because water is life

    WWF Magazine: Fall 2017
    Fall 2017 Magazine Cover
  • What is a wetland? And 8 other wetland facts

    July 18, 2017

    Wetlands are often undervalued. Between 300 million and 400 million people live close to—and depend on—wetlands. Learn more about these important habitats WWF is working to conserve. 

    De Hoop wetland
  • Chris Field on finding a solution to climate change

    WWF Magazine: Fall 2017
    Chris Field is confident we will solve climate change. We just need to do one thing first.
    chris field board fall2017
  • WWF's Lindsay Bass on working with companies to protect fresh water

    WWF Magazine: Fall 2017
    Lindsay Bass helps forge collective solutions to the threats facing freshwater around the world.
    Lindsay Bass
  • Gallery: Photographs by Edward Burtynsky

    WWF Magazine: Fall 2017
    Edward Burtynsky’s near-abstract photography documents the countless ways that water shapes our landscapes.
    gallery cadix river fall2017
  • In the US, manatees get a change in status

    WWF Magazine: Fall 2017
    US Fish and Wildlife Service recently announced manatees had been downlisted from Endangered to Threatened on the List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife.
    Manatee beneath a river surface
  • Close to Home: A river otter swims an iconic English stream

    WWF Magazine: Fall 2017
    WWF is working with partners to not only restore the United Kingdom’s rivers and wildlife to a healthy state, but to protect them—and the otters and others who depend on them—from challenges to come.
    River Otter Magazine Fall 2017
  • A River Runs Through

    WWF Magazine: Fall 2017
    Explore a global WWF project that's combining big partnerships with bigger data to map and protect the world's last free-flowing rivers.
    Satellite image of Luangwa River
  • Learn how to help recharge your local water source

    WWF Magazine: Fall 2017
    Whether we’re washing clothes or watering the lawn, all the water we use in our homes is drawn from a nearby lake, river, reservoir, or aquifer. Together, we can help protect this vital resource.
    takeaway rain graphic fall2017
  • Can responsible fly fishing save tigers in the Himalayas?

    WWF Magazine: Fall 2017
    Among fly-fishing aficionados, the golden mahseer is legendary.
    flyfishing inquiry fall2017