Lin the Pangolin

Lin the Pangolin SEL Pack

Wild Classroom has created a social and emotional learning resource with activities and worksheets centered around Lin the Pangolin.

Available Toolkit Files

  • Lin the Pangolin Interactive Presentation

    Meet Lin the pangolin and learn all about what it is like to live the life of a species threatened by poaching and wildlife crime. Throughout the story, students will connect with Lin using social and emotional skills such as social and self-awareness, empathy, appreciation, and many more.

    (Grade level: K-5)

  • Lin the Pangolin Student Activity Packets

    To be used in conjunction with the PowerPoint presentation, each grade level packet contains a social and emotional learning exercise, a vocabulary activity that assesses student understanding of the science terms found throughout the story, and a fun poem to read or use for additional language comprehension.

  • K-2 Activity Packet

    • "All About Me" ID card

    • Science Vocabulary Challenge and Flyer

    • Lin the Pangolin poem

  • 3-5 Activity Packet

    • Behavior Change Action Plan

    • Science Vocabulary Essay

    • Lin the Pangolin poem

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Giavanna Grein

© Courtesy of Giavanna Grein

Protecting the Pangolins

Giavanna Grein, Senior Program Officer, Wildlife Conservation

Recorded on: December 4th, 2020

Get to know pangolins—the most trafficked mammal in the world—as WWF's online wildlife trafficking expert, Giavanna Grein, shares some of the unique characteristics of these elusive creatures that many people have never heard of. Giavanna will explain why pangolins are a target for wildlife poachers and traffickers and how her role at WWF is working towards saving this species from extinction. Tie this livestream event with the Lin the Pangolin social and emotional learning resources, to connect the plight of pangolins to character-building skills within your students.

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