Name Title
Nikhil Advani Director, Climate, Communities and Wildlife
Naikoa Aguilar-Amuchastegui Director, Forest Carbon Science
Gabby Ahmadia Director, Marine Conservation Science, Oceans
Crawford Allan Senior Director, TRAFFIC
Dave Aplin Director of Education and Outreach, Arctic Field Program
Ryan Bartlett Director, Climate Risk Management & Resilience
Eric Becker Conservation Engineer, Wildlife Conservation Program
Nirmal Bhagabati Lead Natural Capital Scientist, Forest Team, Natural Capital
Kristy Bly Senior Wildlife Conservation Biologist, Northern Great Plains Program
Stephanie Bradley Director, Fisheries in Transition
Josefina BraƱa Varela Vice President and Deputy Lead, Forests
Richard Caines Director, Environmental and Social Safeguards Appointment
Karla Canavan Vice President, Commodity Trade and Finance, Markets
Stephanie Cappa Deputy Director, Policy and Government Affairs
Kerry Cesareo Senior Vice President, Forests
Jason Clay Senior Vice President, Markets | Executive Director, Markets Institute
Alison Cross Director, Fishery Sustainability
Melissa D. Ho Senior Vice President, Freshwater and Food
Sarah Davidson Director of Water Policy
Paul Dobbins Senior Director of Impact Investing and Ecosystems Services, Aquaculture
Dechen Dorji Senior Director for Asia, Wildlife Conservation
Kevin Ellison Grasslands Ecologist, Northern Great Plains
Evan Freund Senior Director, Infrastructure and Large Initiatives, Freshwater
Anne Gage Director of Conservation Programs, Northern Great Plains Program