WWF Statement on California Plastics Bill

Last week, Senator Ben Allen of the California State Legislature introduced an amended version of SB 54, a measure to overhaul the way Californians use plastic and ensure producers of plastic and packaging put environmental protection at the top of their considerations when doing business in the State.

In response to the introduction of the amended version, WWF issued the following statement from Alejandro Pérez, senior vice president, policy and government affairs:

“We commend California legislators for looking for innovative ways to solve the crisis of plastic pollution. With 85 percent of Americans frustrated that plastic waste ends up in our oceans, the work of California legislators in seeking innovative ways to solve plastic pollution is a critical step. It’s more than time to transition our economy to emphasizing reuse and recycling, and the majority of Americans agree. There’s a lot of work to be done in California, and across the nation, to address these pressing concerns and we look forward to building on this progress.”