2019 is the second hottest year on record

Human-caused climate crisis leads to consequential warming

Last year was the second hottest on record, closing out the warmest decade so far. This is the sixth consecutive year in which global temperatures were the highest on record—an unprecedented streak, according to the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Much of this consequential warming is due to the human-caused climate crisis.

“The findings confirm the past decade has been the hottest on record and is yet another stark reminder that the climate crisis is here,” said Rebecca Shaw, WWF’s chief scientist. “From Australia’s catastrophic brushfires, to more frequent extreme weather events in the US, to rapidly warming oceans, the effects across the globe are devastating.”

The climate crisis worsens already life-threatening events, from more severe droughts and wildfires to more frequent and disastrous storms.

We need to act now to curb the climate crisis

As humans continue to burn fossil fuels and the amount of heat-trapping gasses entering the atmosphere continues to rise, we’re seeing impacts on people and wildlife around the globe. We still have time to change the trajectory.

WWF works with local communities, governments, and others around the world to help people and nature prepare for the many impacts of a hotter planet. We’re helping to integrate environmental considerations into disaster recovery, reconstruction, and risk reduction. And we’re assessing species to determine the traits that make them resilient or vulnerable to changes in climate.

“We can fight this threat,” Shaw said. “We can build a safer, healthier, and more resilient future for people and nature, but we have to act now.”


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