Gallery: Artwork by Aurora Robson

ISLA sculpture

As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Artist Aurora Robson has taken this aphorism to heart. Repurposing plastic waste she finds in nature, Robson meticulously assembles colorful, whimsical sculptures, transforming discarded debris into, as she says, “reminders that every choice we make has consequences for the environment.” Robson derives inspiration from childhood experiences of nature in her native Hawaii—from ocean waves to misty jungles and black sand beaches—as well as the increasing threat plastics pose to these fragile ecosystems. “The more I learn about plastic pollution, the more motivated I am to do something about it,” she says. “Art is a global language, and pollution is a global issue, so merging the two to find potential solutions seems only natural.” 


plastic debris (PET + HDPE), aluminum rivets, tinted polycrylic + mica powder


plastic debris (PET + HDPE), aluminum rivets, tinted polycrylic + mica powder


plastic debris (PET), aluminum rivets, tinted polycrylic + mica powder


plastic marine debris

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