Meet some of the ACA champions

Reverend Yasushi Hori
Reverend Yasushi Hori, head monk, Kougenji monastery
Ezequiel Tecco
Ezequiel Tecco, member of CREA, Argentina
Veronica Geese
Veronica Geese, secretary of energy, Santa Fe, Argentina
Kenichi Ishida
Kenichi Ishida, managing officer, Sekisui House, Tokyo
Monica Fein
Monica Fein, mayor, Rosario, Santa Fe
Remko Jansonius
Remko Jansonius, deputy director of collections and curatorial affairs, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Miami

Yoca Arditi-Rocha
Yoca Arditi-Rocha, executive director, CLEO Institute
Miwa Haishima
Miwa Haishima, co-owner of a zero-energy home
Sergio Graf
Sergio Graf, minister of environment, Jalisco, Mexico
Susanne Torriente
Susanne Torriente, chief resilience officer, Miami Beach
Enrique Miles
Enrique Miles, cattle and agricultural producer, Argentina
Ryogo Takemoto
Ryogo Takemoto, monk and co-founder of Tera Energy, Hiroshima

Teisuke Suzuki
Teisuke Suzuki, vice president, Suzuhiro Kamaboko
Mario Silva
Mario Silva, general director of the Metropolitan Planning Institute, Guadalajara Metropolitan Area, Mexico
Erika Abiko
Erika Abiko, owner of the eco-conscious Hummingbird Café
Roberto Bisso
Roberto Bisso, sub-secretary of renewable energy, Santa Fe
Dan Gelber
Dan Gelber, mayor, Miami Beach
Jacqueline Murcia
Jacqueline Murcia, student climate activist


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