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The majestic black rhino is a symbol of wildlife conservation. Though more gray than black, their massive size, hooked upper lip and two large horns distinguish them from other animals. Sadly, these two-ton herbivores are critically endangered due to illegal killing for their horns. And right now, they need our help to survive.

Namibia has more black rhinos than any other country. It holds more than a third of those left in the wild—a tribute to the country’s successful conservation efforts. But rhino poaching soared by a shocking 93% in 2022, following a successful seven-year decline. If the illegal killing is not quickly halted, the gains in black rhino populations will be reversed—the death rate will eclipse the birth rate.

Etosha National Park in northwest Namibia is home to the world's largest black rhino population, and it’s at the center of the rhino poaching crisis. In just the first half of 2023, armed poachers killed at least 13 rhinos in the park. To protect vulnerable rhinos in a park that’s nearly as large as New Jersey requires many resources and a variety of tools and techniques.

How you can help

WWF is trying to raise $250,000 by World Rhino Day—September 22—to fund an emergency response. We’re working closely with the Namibian government and other partners to put in place an urgent antipoaching plan in Etosha National Park. This includes training a sniffer dog unit to track poachers, building housing for elite rangers (known as the Wildlife Protection Service), and creating a horse patrol unit to help rangers monitor the park’s remote areas. We need your help to make it happen.

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You can help save rhinos today by making a donation to our emergency antipoaching campaign. 100% of your donation will go directly to fund antipoaching efforts in Namibia, and every dollar will be matched by an anonymous donor (up to $250,000).




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Support WWF's emergency response to the poaching crisis. 100% of your donation will protect rhinos, and every dollar will be matched by an anonymous donor, up to $250,000.

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