WWF Statement on Pres. Biden's Earth Day Executive Order

Today President Joe Biden marked Earth Day by signing an Executive Order that contains a series of actions focused on recognizing the planet's natural capital by protecting and restoring forests domestically, halting deforestation globally, and investing in Nature-based Solutions. In response, WWF released the statement below from Carter Roberts, President and CEO:

“President Biden’s actions today embrace the power of nature to help both people and wildlife thrive. Nature and its services underpin our economies, our societies, our livelihoods, our health, and even our national security. Today’s announcements are an important step toward embedding the value of nature in federal decision-making. The President’s Executive Order directs the federal government to take stock of our natural heritage and sustain it for the future, including by protecting, restoring, and better managing our forests. It also enhances US efforts to prevent global deforestation – one of the most strategic and cost-effective ways to leverage forests as a solution to climate change and global health. Importantly, it directs agencies to account for nature’s value and identify high-quality Nature-based Solutions that will help us confront climate change and secure the resilience of our communities and our forests, lands, waters, and wildlife. Taken together, these actions ensure that Earth Day 2022 will leave a lasting legacy.”