WWF Statement on President Biden's FY23 Budget

Yesterday, the White House released President Biden’s proposed budget for the US Government for Fiscal Year 2023. It comes at an important moment as the inter-related threats from climate change and nature loss are having a profound impact on people and nature here in the United State and around the world. In response, WWF released the following statement from Alejandro Pérez, Senior Vice President, Policy and Government Affairs:

“President Biden’s budget clearly prioritizes the need to protect our planet and promote cleaner, healthier and safer communities. The federal government can help make those goals a reality by ensuring robust investments to create a modern clean energy system, build our nation’s resilience to growing threats from climate change, and conserve America’s lands, waters, and wildlife.

“The President’s budget also signals that climate action doesn’t stop at the water’s edge. It calls on Congress to make good on his commitment to provide significantly increased resources to assist developing countries in responding to climate change and its impacts. This includes major new investments to protect forests and critical, carbon-rich ecosystems around the world, in line with the Global Forests pledge announced last fall in Glasgow.

“As we await more details on the President’s request, we will continue to advocate for Congress and the Administration to use every available opportunity to enhance funding for biodiversity conservation and efforts to halt global nature loss and climate change. For the sake of our collective health and security, we need to turn the tide on these intertwined crises, and that means dedicating sufficient resources to meet the scale of the challenge we are facing.”