WWF Welcomes Day One Actions by President Biden

Today, President Joe Biden will reportedly take a series of actions on his first day in office to address the climate crisis and undo some of the harmful environmental decisions made by the previous administration. The president is expected to take steps to re-join the Paris Agreement, impose a moratorium on oil and gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and undo rollbacks of vehicle emissions standards, among other actions. 

WWF released the following statement from Carter Roberts, President and CEO, applauding the president’s Day One agenda:

"By re-joining the Paris Agreement, President Biden delivers a message on Day One of his administration that climate change stands at the top of his priorities. This action joins other immediate steps the Biden-Harris administration will take to reverse his predecessor's efforts to weaken our country’s environmental laws and institutions. And it returns our country to a leadership position in protecting the air, the water, and the ecosystems that sustain our way of life. We’re committed to working with the Biden-Harris administration to establish 2030 and 2050 climate targets aligned with science and to mobilize our society to deliver on them. By building an economic recovery that is both green and inclusive, the US can meet its biggest obligations at home and set the stage to work with other countries to set the kind of aggressive global ambitions we all need."