Power Forward 2.0: How American Companies Are Setting Clean Energy Targets and Capturing Greater Business Value

A new report from WWF, Ceres, Calvert Investments and David Gardiner and Associates finds that, 43 percent, or 215 of the companies in the Fortune 500 have set climate and/or clean energy targets.

This is the next report in the series after: Power Forward Why the World's Largest Companies Are Investing In Renewable Energy. This expands the analysis of corporate climate and clean energy goals from the Fortune 100 to the Fortune 500.

Other key findings:

  • 53 Fortune 100 companies report savings of $1.1 billion annually through energy efficiency and renewable energy.
  • Those companies are reducing emissions equivalent to taking 15 coal plants offline. 
  • The largest companies in the Fortune 500–the Fortune 100–continue to lead: 60% of companies have set climate and clean energy targets.

The report documents how sectors compare in setting targets, how the Fortune 100 are doing in meeting their targets since the last report, and lays our recommendations for companies, investors, the electric sector and policymakers to enable more companies to grow their climate and clean energy efforts. 

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