During these difficult times, WWF cares about you

Keep in touch with WWF from home

Bornean orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus) with infant at Camp Leakey on Borneo Island, Indonesia

These are difficult times. As you feel and witness the impacts of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic in your community, we hope you're taking extra care to stay safe and healthy, for yourself, your loved ones, and those around you. It is a stressful and emotional experience as our daily routines change.

We are all adjusting to this ever-evolving situation. You may be teleworking (like most WWF employees), caring for kids home from school, practicing social distancing, coping with uncertainty, loneliness, and other disruptions to regular life. We're certainly grappling with all these changes. We hope it's comforting to know you are not dealing with this alone.

As you continue to adjust, we wanted to provide you with some activities and ideas that you may find useful and even fun. We hope you enjoy these opportunities to learn about and explore our world—and continue to make a difference—from home.

Spinner Dolphins off Costa Rica coast © Hugh Pearson / Silverback Films / Netflix

Watch (or rewatch!) Our Planet

All episodes of Netflix's eight-part original documentary series Our Planet—created in collaboration with Silverback Films and WWF—are streaming and ready for binge-watching. And while schools are closed, Netflix has released all eight episodes on their educational YouTube playlist. For ways to help, the Our Planet website offers a deeper dive into each episode.

More to watch:

Three WWF Magazine Covers

Reflect on nature

Could sitting and observing our breath better connect us to the natural world? Mindfulness can open doors of understanding about connection—with other people, wildlife, and the planet.

Child holding a picture of a polar bear © WWF-US / Keith Arnold

Explore conservation activities for kids

Browse free educational resources from WWF's Wild Classroom, including species lessons, toolkits with fun activities and games, and expert webinars to bring conservation and science to life in your home.

WWF Together App on iPad

Download WWF's app

Take a few minutes each day on our free app, WWF Together, to interact and learn about one of the 16 featured species.

A turtle swims toward a plastic bag © Troy Mayne / WWF

Take action for nature

Browse the latest actions you can take online to protect the planet. Your voice is needed more than ever—even from home—as our work continues through these uncertain times.

As the coronavirus continues to spread, people remain at the core of WWF. From community members who live in and protect the world's most threatened places and wildlife, to our employees around the globe who carry out our vital work, to you who make our work possible. All of us at WWF work to help people and nature thrive. And all of us care about you and yours.