End Plastic Waste

Plastic waste is choking our planet—polluting our water, air, and soil. It harms both people and wildlife.

Harnessing the power of music, this public service announcement aims to galvanize people in support of a global treaty to end plastic pollution and raise awareness about the urgent need to change the way we make, use, and recycle plastic.

“We have to wake up to the fact that single-use plastic is a biohazard. Today no human or animal is safe from its impacts. It’s a convenience that we cannot afford,” said The Edge, the guitarist of U2 whose song is featured in the public service announcement.

In a historic move in 2022, 175 nations voted to adopt a United Nations-led global treaty to end plastic pollution. The goal is to hold all countries to a high common standard on plastic consumption and create a legally binding and equitable treaty that delivers a clear path toward a future free from plastic pollution. WWF is advocating for the swift finalization and implementation of this treaty.

“It will take everyone—businesses, governments, individuals, and even the biggest bands in the world to finally solve the plastic pollution crisis that is crushing our planet,” said Erin Simon, WWF’s vice president and head of plastic waste and business. “If we truly want more beautiful days ahead—the time to act is now.”

Take action on plastic pollution now.