WWF Statement on the US Withdrawal from the Paris Agreement

In response to the US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, WWF issued the following statement from Carter Roberts, President and CEO:

"Today marks the US federal government’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement. Even so, across the country, a coalition of states, cities, businesses, universities, faith organizations, tribes, and other actors have come together to say ‘we are still in.’ They represent more than half of the US population and nearly two-thirds of the US economy. They are doing their part to cut emissions, but they can’t meet America’s commitment alone. 

"Eventually, the federal government needs to lead the charge. That’s why we will continue to urge the president – whoever that turns out to be – to re-join the Paris Agreement and enhance US ambition. In the meantime the We Are Still In coalition will continue to drive progress and set the stage for federal re-engagement."

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